Who Did It? Jodi Arias or HLN?

Who Did It? Jodi Arias or HLN?

Jodi Arias Supporters blame the verdict on negative media publicity and particularly, HLN. They do not even acknowledge the fact that the only evidence of Travis being a pedophile or an abuser is from Jodi Arias herself. They do not even admit there is even any controversy.  It doesn’t matter that Jodi Arias has repeatedly lied and has every reason to continue to do so, I.e. she is obviously biased.
All the statements that Jodi is innocent and Travis had it coming or conclusory as if they were simply stating that water is wet or fire is hot. There is no debate. They support Jodi because she is an abused women, not even allegedly! No further inquiry needed.

Now HLN has used the trial to vault itself into the ratings stratosphere, however, they didn’t create what happened, the simply took advantage of it, i.e., they didn’t kill the deer, they just scooped up the carcass. Maybe they did parade it around the neighborhood and sold it for a healthy profit.  However, they did not kill Travis in such a heinous manner, lie about it so often and blissfully, during taped interrogations and interviews. They did not spend 8 days on the stand pretending to be a meek, ingenue who had been sexually overrun by Travis, only to reappear on cross-examination as an unabashed, vixen, who displayed a brazenness concerning the sex acts she had engaged in with Travis which confirmed that the entity that existed during direct examination was fictitious.

Many of the criticisms of HLN’s coverage are meritorious. However, HLN is not a courthouse, and none of their talking heads or members of the court or jury. Though they have may have sensationalized the proceedings, they were already sensational! HLN, just took advantage of that.

So the Jodi supporters blame HLN as if they are responsible for Jodi being trial and all the horrible things she did.

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