George Zimmerman Was The Victim of an “Immaculate Attack”

A wannabe cop, who stalks a kid with a loaded gun because he thinks he is a criminal, is exalted by his followers, his every word believed as if it were gospel, as if he is some kind of messiah or the 13th apostle….or a cult leader.  Meanwhile, the innocent, unarmed kid who he kills is demonized, characterized as a thug, the anti-Christ, though there is no real evidence to support such a characterization.

Of course, that’s the only way you can believe Zimmerman’s fantastical story. Turn it into a morality tale, or another chapter in the Bible!  Otherwise it makes no sense.  I guess that’s why he invokes God and says it was part of God’s plan.  You have heard of the Devil made me do it, now it’s God’s doing!

If you believe what GZ says is true, supernatural forces were obviously involved. That would account for TM hitting him in the face 12+ times slammed his head on the concrete each time, and him only having a couple of scratches while leaving no DNA on TM’s hands.  FLE DNA report 


Then, TM supposedly covered GZ’s face in an attempt to suffocate him…with that bloody nose? One would think some blood or DNA would have transferred to TM’s hands or clothes?  Nope!  TM supposedly grabbed GZ’s gun though it was dark and the gun was in a holster on GZ’s back…and…of course…none of TM’s DNA or fingerprints end up on the gun!

They should call it the “Immaculate Attack”.  I guess, that’s why Zimmerman supporters just adopt his story without question as if they were there and actually saw what happened!  I mean who cares if the lack of DNA evidence makes Zimmerman’s story extremely suspect and common sense defying.  No Independent Evidence Was Presented That Trayvon Martin Was the Aggressor  You can’t question God after all and it was his (or her) plan!

Well I’m wondering when God told GZ that it he was to be his (or her) instrument in God’s plan to kill Trayvon Martin.  I mean, was it before of after?  Did God actually appear, or just send a self-destructing text message a la Mission Impossible?  God has a history of “talking” to mentally unbalanced and otherwise sketchy individuals, such as David Koresh and Jim Jones just to name two.  We should all be concerned about what he (or she) supposedly tells them.  Actually, I’m very concerned about the individuals God chooses to talk to, or more specifically, the people who say God selected them for a personal dialogue or for more insidious tasks.

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