Trayvon Martin Had Pics of Himself with an Illegal Gun, So He’s a Thug?


What is the difference between a legal gun and an illegal one. Nothing, they can both kill! What is the difference between a real gun and a picture of one? Everything, one can kill and the other one cannot!

Zimmerman supporters point out that Trayvon Martin took a picture of himself with an “illegal” gun.  (I’m not sure how they determined it was an illegal gun.) So he’s a thug, right?  Did he have an illegal gun with him that night? No! Did he ever actually own one?  No way to know!  The Framing of Trayvon Martin

However, Zimmerman had a gun and was prowling the neighborhood and killed an innocent kid after profiling, stalking and chasing him. Zimmerman Killed Martin Because All Unknown Young Black Males Were Burglars To Him

So murder isn’t murder if the gun is “legal?”  Someone who poses with an illegal gun in a picture is more dangerous than someone with anger issues who prowls the neighborhood with an actual “legal” gun and has audiences with God?

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