Juror B37 Says Race Was Not A Factor In Zimmerman Trial?

So, who are we really kidding here.  During voir dire, Juror B37 was asked to describe Trayvon Martin and she described him as “a boy of color.” In other words, to her, that was his most salient trait, his most outstanding quality, his essence.  She could have called him a young man, a teenager, a high school student, tall for his age, but she called him “a boy of color.”  Do you think she would have referred to a Caucasian teenager as a boy of no color?  Of course not.

Do you think that George Zimmerman would have found a white or Hispanic teenager suspicious?  Of course not.  In fact, GZ had a history of calling the police on African American boys he did not know which he deemed to be suspicious.  Here is a link to a description of the 46 calls me made to the Sanford police department.  In fact, at one point he called the police on a 7 year old African American boy.  Not all those calls were for what Zimmerman suspected was criminal activity or where they all for African American purported delinquents or suspected criminals but a disproportionate number of them were. One of the reasons Zimmerman thought Travyon Martin was suspicious was because he was African American!

As a great Salon article point out. “How do you suppose the big scary black man’s claim of “self-defense” would have gone over with a jury made up almost entirely of white women?”

As part of the demonization of Travyon Martin is the fact that Zimmerman supporters now associate him with the rash of the horrid incidents of the “knockout game”.  Of course, there is no evidence that Martin had anything to do with such a “game.”  Moreover, the “game” is engaged in by…hold on…whites!  Yes, as in, not just African Americans!

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