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The Private Prison Racket

Originally posted on The Fifth Column:
A detention center’s door is shown in Baltimore, Md. | AP Photo Politico Magazine Companies that manage prisons on our behalf have abysmal records. So why do we keep giving them business? In October, when…

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Juror in Zimmerman’s Trial Says She Was Demeaned and Mocked By Other Jurors

Originally posted on We Hold These Truths To Be Self-Evident:
The Daily Beast reports that Maddy, also known as Juror B29, spoke with Lisa Bloom about her experience.  They have published an excerpt from Bloom’s just published Suspicion Nation. Maddy…

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Zimmerman’s Actions Led to Martin’s Death…the Ones He Took Before He Shot Him!

At least one of Zimmerman’s most ardent supporters focuses on what Trayvon Martin did (or may have done) in the fight the fatal confrontation.  Remember that we are talking about a kid, a teenager, a child, who was not engaged … Continue reading

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George Zimmerman Is Still Unbelievable!

Well George Zimmerman is making the media rounds as if he has a movie premiere coming up and of course he doesn’t want any publicity!  Here a quote from one of the interviews he gave on his current “plight!” “When … Continue reading

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George Zimmerman’s Epic Boxing Match With DMX Has Been Canceled

Originally posted on NewsFeed:
It was going to be a matchup for the ages, but the promoter behind George Zimmerman’s fight with DMX has K.O.’ed the bout. Zimmerman’s promoter Damon Feldman has decided to forego “a lot of money” and cancel…

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About that photo of George Zimmerman’s bloody and “broken” nose… part 1

Originally posted on whonoze:
This photo of George Zimmerman has now been introduced as evidence in his trial. At least two witnesses have already testified that it offers a “fair and accurate” representation of how Zimmerman appeared after Trayvon Martin…

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