About that photo of George Zimmerman’s bloody and “broken” nose… part 1

Though the photo appears to show a “septum deviation”. Miraculously, that deviation healed itself – just popped itself back in to place – within several hours!  The physician’s assistant, Lindzee Folgate, who examined Zimmerman, testified at trial that his nose was “likely” and “appeared to be” broken but she could not say “definitively” because there were no x-rays and Zimmerman never bothered to get one moreover, she noted no “septum deviation” .  See: DAY 5 ZIMMERMAN TRIAL PART 4 OF 4 JUNE 28,2013 at 1:25:00

Also note that once “all that blood” is wiped away, it came from a tiny scratch which is hardly visible.

Remember, this “broken nose” was supposed to have been the result of 12-20 blows rained down upon him by Trayvon Martin! This could not have happened on Earth. Maybe in a zero gravity environment.  Think the Moon or Mercury!


This photo of George Zimmerman has now been introduced as evidence in his trial. At least two witnesses have already testified that it offers a “fair and accurate” representation of how Zimmerman appeared after Trayvon Martin was shot, but before the paramedics attended to him. This worries me, and I have to wonder if these folks are looking closely, or possibly even lying.


I believe this photo has been altered via digital photo-editing software to make Zimmerman’s injuries appear more serious than they actually were.

In this post, I will discuss the visual elements of the picture that have led to my conclusion. In a follow-up post, I will discuss what may, or may not, happen around this photo at trial. Finally, a third post with deal with more digital photo geek tech stuff relating to evidence of manipulation.

Normally, I don’t engage in conspiracy theories. I mean, history tells…

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