George Zimmerman Is Still Unbelievable!

Well George Zimmerman is making the media rounds as if he has a movie premiere coming up and of course he doesn’t want any publicity!  Here a quote from one of the interviews he gave on his current “plight!”


“When you hit your head repeatedly against the concrete, you have a broken nose, eyes full of blood and tears, you’re not in the position to do much,”

George Zimmerman says he’s homeless and suffering from PTSD” New York Daily News, Saturday, February 15, 2014

Well now I understand that he was found not guilty which of course doesn’t mean he is innocent, just that a jury found “reasonable doubt”, but his claim that Trayvon Martin  punched him in the face 12+ times, smashing his head into the concrete each time is still ludicrous.  It defies the laws of physics, human anatomy and common sense and is contradicted by the DNA evidence and now the revelation that Trayvon Martin’s body was not even next to concrete. George Zimmerman Did Not Kill Trayvon Martin In Self-Defense, Zimmerman, Dunn and what went horribly wrong: Author Lisa Bloom talks to Salon, Thursday, Mar 6, 2014,

I have dealt with the absurdity of this claim many times already (a list of the blog posts are below) along with his other ridiculous allegations including that Martin saw and grabbed his gun in the dark even though it was in a holster behind him which he was lying on.  Naturally, there is no DNA or fingerprint evidence to support that nonsense.

A Policeman’s Blog Points Out The Absurdity of Zimmerman’s “Head Slamming” Allegations
George Zimmerman Was The Victim of an “Immaculate Attack”
So Was GZ’s Head Slammed Against the Pavement 12+ Times? Why it Matters!
No Independent Evidence Was Presented That Trayvon Martin Was the Aggressor

Zimmerman states that Martin was beating him so bad that he had a to kill him, though the police (the real ones) were on their way, yet he didn’t even choose to go to the doctor, never mind the hospital!!!!  His employer forced him to visit his health provider as a condition of him returning to work. He didn’t even see an MD!  There was no definitive evidence his nose was broken because that required an x-ray which he never bothered to arrange.  Thus, he wasn’t particularly concerned or in any substantial pain.

Now again, a trial involving serious criminal charges and serious jail time is a serious affair and the standard to convict, beyond a reasonable doubt, is set purposely high.  The fact that a jury, which I would argue was biased – So Zimmerman Was Found Not Guilty, Juries Can Be “Wrong!” – found reasonable doubt and returned a not guilty verdict is null and void when it comes to the “trial” that takes place in the court of public opinion.  Many in that realm, believe, with solid reasoning, that Zimmerman was and is guilty.

Cuomo: If you could go back and do it again, you had said, “I would have stayed home that night.”
Zimmerman: I would stay home.

George Zimmerman Sticks To His ‘I Was The Victim’ Story On ‘CNN New Day’  Vibe, Stacy-Ann Ellis Posted February 17, 2014

How ironic it is for him to now lament, regret and wish he had stayed home that night. It would have been enough for him not to have left his vehicle but he purposely doesn’t lament, regret or wish away that action.  Nope, he takes no responsibility for the very decision, that set into motion the events that led to the tragedy.  Trayvon Martin would be alive if Neighborhood Watch rules followed, March 14, 2012|Beth Kassab The first domino!  The singular precipitating action that led to Martin’s death.  He acts as if he was somehow compelled to leave his vehicle!  As if it was some altruistic duty foisted upon him which he reluctantly shouldered for some universal good!

Even assuming the ridiculous and unsubstantiated allegations he  makes against Martin are fact, it was Zimmerman’s decision to leave his vehicle and chase Martin that led to the shooting.  Propelled by the rash, unfounded and yes, racial presumptions he made concerning Martin, he committed a flagrant violation of the most basic and sensible rules of Neighborhood Watch and the directive of the police dispatcher.

He was not a police officer yet, he decided that Martin was so suspicious that he could not wait for what he anticipated would be an unsatisfactory police response and he pursued Martin armed with a gun.  After all, the last “suspect escaped.”  That is what led to the confrontation because there is no evidence that Martin was doing anything criminal and was simply returning to his father’s home and he would have succeeded had Zimmerman not provoked a confrontation through his reckless acts.

Now, we’re supposed to feel sorry for him as if he was simply walking along, innocently minding his own business, and dire circumstances, which he had no involvement in, enveloped him and whisked him away to his present downtrodden and (“woeful“) state.

“He [Trayvon] saw my gun and told me he would kill me, and I knew he was telling the truth.”

George Zimmerman Is Homeless and Wants a Normal Life The Root, Feb. 16 2014

Again, it makes no sense that Martin could have seen Zimmerman’s gun in the dark, in a holster on his back while he was on his back!  Here is a scenario that I find more plausible.   Who was screaming was a hotly disputed issue.  It could well have been Martin who was screaming because Zimmerman had brandished his weapon (which is why Martin was able to see it) and was threatening or attempting to use it!  Under that scenario, one can understand why Martin could have been wrestling with Zimmerman over the gun and trying to stop him from shooting him!

Martin had actual reasons to fear Zimmerman, whereas Zimmerman pursued Martin based on erroneous presumptions. It is undisputed that Zimmerman never identified himself, yet he stared at Martin from his vehicle, then pursued him on foot.  Martin expressed concern over the stranger following him while talking to his girlfriend on his cellphone.  According to Zimmerman himself, when Martin asked him why he was following him, Zimmerman never explained why or identified himself.  Instead he quickly reached into his pocket.

Now, why wouldn’t a minor, who has little life experience (which is why we have a separate justice system for minors) not feel threatened by those actions. Certainly an adult would!  If Martin attacked Zimmerman he would have simply been standing his ground against an unidentified stranger who had relentlessly pursued him for no apparent reason and now might be reaching for a weapon which of course he just happened to possess.   The authors of the Stand Your Ground Law felt it didn’t apply to George Zimmerman, but applied to Trayvon Martin.  Author of “stand your ground” law: George Zimmerman should probably be arrested for killing Trayvon MartinBy Julia Dahl, CBS News July 12, 2013,

“No, I certainly was the victim,” Zimmerman replied. “When I was having my head bashed into the concrete and my nose broken, I was a victim. So I wouldn’t say I was not a victim.”

George Zimmerman to CNN: ‘I was the victim’   The Raw Story, February 17, 2014

There is no evidence outside of Zimmerman’s story that Martin ever attacked him – No Independent Evidence Was Presented That Trayvon Martin Was the Aggressor- Moreover, his injuries were insignificant, if Martin had attacked him, it would have been understandable, arguably justifiable and quite ineffective! Regardless, of who started it, it was just an ordinary, clumsy, “after school”, fist fight until Zimmerman pulled the trigger.  The George Zimmerman Trial For Dummies July 10, 2013 by Kristin Randle

Again, (do you see a motif, a theme maybe, I could be repeating myself) had Zimmerman not disregarded the NW rule against pursuing “suspects” or carrying weapons, he wouldn’t have created the situation he claims led to him being victimized and to Martin being dead! He refuses to acknowledge his staring role in the tragedy!  He unnecessarily provoked the confrontation by leaving his vehicle and stalking Martin which he did not have to do under any scenario! 

Trayvon Martin is the victim that Zimmerman wants to be, oh and he wants to be seen as the victim very badly!  You can’t have a proper pity party when you are not the victim!  However, all he had was a bloody nose, 2 scalp scratches – and according to the medical report –  a black eye or two and some facial swelling (oh, and very hurt feelings).  Meanwhile, Martin, who did nothing but choose the wrong time to go to the store, is dead at 17!  The mantle of victimhood simply does not fit Mr. Zimmerman. He is just playing “dress up”!

“Honestly, I [would] love to live a calm life without being in the press.”

George Zimmerman Is Homeless and Wants a Normal Life  The Root, Feb. 16 2014

Right, that’s why he gave these interviews.  Was he expecting to change anyone’s mind?  All he did was affirm, in many minds, his guilt, his abject hypocrisy in now insisting that he is somehow a victim, his wanton arrogance in refusing to accept any responsibility and his selfish disregard for the real victim, Trayvon Martin.

Oh, and of course there was the visit to Kel-Tec factory and that photo opp!   George Zimmerman Visits Florida Gun Maker Kel-Tec ABC News, August 23, 2013. Those are the actions of someone who craves anonymity? Sure, and slugs crave salt! What an utterly repugnant gesture! It was a like some kind of victory lap!  Zimmerman smiling for the camera as if he was celebrating a successful big game hunt.  All that was missing was some dead, bloodied carcass strung up in the background, Trayvon’s body being unavailable.

Yet another botched attempt at anonymity was his approaching a celebrity fight promoter to stage a fight between him and some yet unnamed combatant.   George Zimmerman TKO: Acquitted Killer Will Step In The Ring For Celebrity Boxing Match Radar Online, Jan 30, 2014 @ 14:00PM

“Prior to the incident I was actually going to the gym for weight loss and doing boxing-type training for weight loss and a mutual friend put me in contact with Damon and provided me with an opportunity and motivation to get back in shape and continue with my weight loss goals and also be able to help a charity out.”

Killing an unarmed minor is relegated to an “incident”.  Losing your keys and having to call a taxi is an “incident”, not, at best, the irresponsible killing of another human being!  Of course, so many potential pugilistic adversaries came forward that they could have raffled off the chance to be his opponent!  Or spurred a reality show like the Bachelor to see who would be selected for the “honor.”

How ironic, one of the tenets of this defense was he was too much of a “wimp” to fend off the supposed attack of a 17 yr old despite the fact that he was attending mixed martial art classes.  It didn’t occur to him how incongruous this might appear!?  He gleaned no clue from the fact that the charity wished to remain anonymous rather than be within olfactory range of the putrid stink emanating from Zimmerman’s name!

Those are the actions of someone wanting to return to his “normal” life?  How completely distasteful and disdainful it is for the family and loved ones of Trayvon Martin….and the court of public opinion.  Not only does Zimmerman crave the limelight but he makes every attempt to stay centered within it!

Another vain attempt to return to obscurity was Zimmerman putting his color by numbers, stencil of someone else’s picture on Ebay. George Zimmerman’s Paintings: A Critical Appraisal |, Jan. 24, 2014 This coincided with his arrival on Twitter where he provides a public service by posting random Bible verses for those who, incongruously, might not be able to reference the good book themselves or are in need of Cliff Notes. I mean, it is a large book! Some hints or guideposts could be helpful! George Zimmerman Joins Twitter, Shares Thoughts on the ‘Pseudo Media,’ Phil Robertson,, Matt Wilstein | 1:27 pm, December 20th, 2013

He blames sensationalized media coverage for making him notorious, saying people recognize him everywhere because “of what the press did with the incident in 2012, in February.” George Zimmerman says he’s homeless and suffers from PTSD Los Angeles Times, February 16, 2014

This is the last ignominious dart Zimmerman throws, blaming the media for his notoriety.  Nothing he did was sensational or even news!?  He just went out of his way to kill an innocent, unarmed kid!  Nothing extraordinary or newsworthy there! Nothing to see here!  Just keep on moving!

Six people decided that he was not guilty but that will never  make him innocent, legally or in the eyes of many members of the public at large!  The court of public opinion has found him guilty. There is no jail time in the conventional sense but “jail time” is a relative term and he’s been sentenced to a “virtual” prison!  I guess Zimmerman did his interviews in an attempt to escape that sentence!  For many, all he did was make sure it was upheld on appeal.

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7 Responses to George Zimmerman Is Still Unbelievable!

  1. 2dogsonly says:

    wonderful clarity!


  2. An eyewitness, just a few feet away, saw Trayvon Martin on top of George Zimmerman beating him-that’s legally self defense. It doesn’t matter how badly Zimmerman was ( or wasn’t) injured. We don’t legally have to wait until we are seriously injured and maybe disabled before shooting a person who is on top of us beating us-
    Its enough that somebody is beating you and if they are on top of you, b/c you cant escape without shooting. There is no legal duty to take a beating because some hoodlum can beat you n in a fist fight.

    Also renowned Forensic doctor, Dr Dimaio testified, Trayvon Martin shot was at point blank range. Now common sense should tell us that Nobody who plans to kill someone is going to let them get that close before shooting them
    Watch eyewitness John Good’s testimony-that’s what convinced me, and probably the jury-imho.


    • There are several problems with your analysis. You confuse evidence with conjecture. Conjecture is saying that “nobody who plans to kill someone is going to let them get that close.” You call Trayvon Martin a hoodlum? That’s total and complete conjecture. What do you base that on? What is the evidence to support that Trayvon was a “hoodlum” Did he have a gun, a knife, any kind of weapon? Do hoodlums arm themselves with Skittles, Ice Tea and a cell phone? All the independent evidence shows he went to the 7-Eleven and was simply returning to his father’s house. There is no independent evidence he was engaged in any criminal activity and had a legal right to be where he was. Goode testified that he saw a person who he now believes was Trayvon on top of someone who know believes was Zimmerman however, on cross examination he admitted that he could not say for sure that the person on top was hitting the person on the bottom. Goode did not see the beginning of the fight, nobody did, so all we have is Zimmerman’s word as to how it starts Again, there is no evidence that Trayvon was doing anything illegal but Zimmerman decided he was suspicious and instead of letting the police do their job and in blatant violation of Neighborhood watch rules and the police dispatcher’s directive he pursued Trayvon and there was a confrontation, which was caused by Zimmerman’s reckless actions. Zimmerman stated that Trayvon hit him in the face and pounded his head on the cement 12+ times. His injuries do not even begin to comport with that statement and no DNA evidence supports it So his “recall” and therefore veracity, is at best questionable and at worse, he’s a liar He says Trayvon was reaching for his gun though I fail to see how Trayvon could have seen it in a holster on his back in the dark. Again, no DNA evidence supports this. Yet, we are supposed to take his unsupported, uncorroborated word for how the fight started? He could have started it and Trayvon could have simply been retaliating. You don’t get to start a fight and then shoot someone because you are losing the fight, By his own admission, he never identified himself, so Trayvon sees a strange man looking at him from his vehicle and then that strange man pursues him on foot. When he asks the man why he is following him, he doesn’t answer or identify himself, but reaches into his pocket quickly? Trayvon was supposed to know he was not reaching for a gun? We have to take Zimmerman’s word that he was not reaching for his gun. The evidence is that Zimmerman’s actions were threatening. Additionally, there is no evidence besides Zimmerman’s story that he was in danger of death or great bodily injury. He was just in a wrestling match with an unarmed teen who he outweighed. If Trayvon did attack Zimmerman, he certainly had a right to. The police were already called an would arrive momentarily. IMHO, Zimmerman’s profiling, stalking and misplaced zeal caused the confrontation and I don’t find him to be believable. Moreover, there is still no independent evidence that Trayvon attacked Zimmerman.


  3. 1. Trayvon Martin was suspended from high school for possession of a burglar tool, 12 pieces of women’s jewelry, and pot residue in his knapsack. So, there is reason to call him a hoodlum-though maybe not by hood standards which seem t to suggest you must oblige a thug who wishes to settle his differences with you via a :”trial by combat”, aka a “fair” fist fight.

    The law, unfortunately for the deceased doesn’t suffer that Ghetto code of nonsense. I won’t get into Mr. Martin’s racist twitter handle, or his love for street fight videos. What I have linked to here in the Miami Herald article by NYT Reporter Frances Robles:
    is sufficient to draw an inference that such behavior is characteristic of a “hoodlum”

    2. Your statement that “you cant shoot somebody because you are losing a fight”: is not encoded into Fla law-that is *your* conjecture. In fact, Harvard Law professor, Alan Dershowitz, contradicts that erroneous assertion. In fact, under Fla Law even an aggressor can defend himself/herself. Link: see especially paragraphs 7 and 8 of aforementioned article published in the liberal Huffington Post.

    3. Mr. Zimmerman had abrasions on the back of his head consistent with Mr Good’s eyewitness testimony that Mr. Martin was on top of Mr. Zimmerman. An EMT, Kevin O’Rourke, who treated Zimmerman at the scene testified that Mr. Zimmerman’s face was “45% covered in blood” when he arrived at the scene. LINKS: (paragraph 19)

    The issue raised by this evidence is as follows: Was Mr. Zimmerman’s fear of great bodily harm a reasonable fear? That is what the jury was empaneled to decide; and they did so find, and acquitted Mr. Zimmerman as the law and the evidence required.

    4. The state lead investigator, Dale Gilbreath, testified under oath that he had NO evidence that George Zimmerman started the fight- Link:

    5. The Ultimate issue for the Jury was: “Was George Zimmerman in reasonable fear of great bodily harm?”

    The jury weighed the evidence and concluded that he was. BTW: 911 dispatchers have no legally binding authority to forbid a person from following a person they believe to be suspicious. And there is no law prohibiting that.

    And No, Neighborhood watch associations likewise have no legally binding authority to forbid Mr. Zimmerman from following someone. Their recommendations are simply that: “recommendations”.

    Finally, regarding “conjecture: Your conjecture as to what Mr. Martin may have been thinking when he attacked Mr. Zimmerman was considered and dismissed by the jury as just that: conjecture with no evidence to substantiate.


    • 1. Trayvon’s past is not relevant as concerns this confrontation! Your position that a minor’s juvenile record somehow makes him a hoodlum or a thug is just ridiculous! Moreover, Martin was not even arrested for the incidents you cite, so there was no due process. Zimmerman had an arrest record and has had several domestic abuse arrests and detentions. So that makes him a thug and a hoodlum? That’s just as absurd! I can cite an article also Who was the real thug — Trayvon Martin or George Zimmerman? That is what is called evidence that is more prejudicial than probative and it was not introduced at trial for that reason. The issue here is what happening the night the confrontation occurred and on that night the evidence shows that Trayvon was not armed, was not engaged in criminal activity, had visited the store and was heading home when Zimmerman profiled, pursue him and ultimately shot him. Your position is typical of people who want to justify Zimmerman’s actions by retroactively branding Trayvon a thug, without competent evidence, while they ignore Zimmerman’s arrest record. Nothing you have posted suddenly makes George Zimmerman believable!

      2. Losing a fist fight does not constitute a reasonable fear of imminent death or great bodily injury regardless of who started it! Self-defense requires a reasonable fear of imminent death or great bodily injury. Trayvon Martin was unarmed and Zimmerman was! His injuries were slight! I personally do not believe that he had a reasonable fear of imminent death or great bodily injury. He is still unbelievable as you haven’t even dealt with the unbelievable aspects of his story, his head being slammed on the payment 12+ times or Trayvon Martin supposedly reaching for his gun!

      3. Having your face covered with blood is not a medical diagnosis. Blood from a small cut can cover your face! That alone does not constitute a reasonable fear of imminent death or great bodily injury! Zimmerman claimed that Martin hit him in the face 12+ times and slammed his head on the concrete 12+ times. That’s not believable and has an impact on his credibility and we still have to take his word! Goode specifically testified that he did not see the person on top hitting the person on bottom! He also stated, that the person on the bottom could still punch. Remember, Zimmerman outweighed Martin and was taking mixed martial arts classes. Goode’s testimony does not prove that Zimmerman had a reasonable fear of imminent fear of death or great bodily injury! There was no conclusive, independent evidence that Zimmerman had a reasonable fear of imminent fear of death or great bodily injury! Such evidence could be a videotape or eyewitness testimony of Trayvon actually slamming Zimmerman on the pavement repeatedly, or Zimmerman having injuries consistent with testimony. That would certainly be more than a couple of scalp lacerations and bloody nose.

      The law and evidence did not require anything! The jury is the trier of fact. They weigh the evidence and see it if complies with the law and come to a decision. All their verdict meant is that they found enough reasonable doubt to find Zimmerman not guilty of murder or manslaughter. That’s all it means. They could have easily reached a different decision and there was enough evidence and law for them to do that. You appear to want to supplant the jury process with your opinion. George Zimmerman is still not believable!

      4. So the investigator had no evidence that Zimmerman started the fight, well that is the point isn’t it. There was no evidence that Trayvon Martin started the fight either! We only have Zimmerman’s word as to how the fight started and as I stated before, and he is still not believable!

      5. There is no independent evidence that Trayvon Martin attacked Zimmerman. You simply assume he did! That would be conjecture! I stated that if he had attacked Zimmerman, it could well have been in response to Zimmerman’s threatening actions. No Zimmerman didn’t break any laws, guess what, there is no evidence that Trayvon Martin did either. Zimmerman caused the confrontation through his foolhardy and ill advised acts! His violation of Neighborhood Rules and the police dispatcher’s directive may be not have been illegal but they were stupid and caused the confrontation. They also arguably led to the settlement of the civil lawsuit against the Homeowner’s Association. Recommendations are made for a reason especially when they are coming from the police force! One could argue that Zimmerman’s disregard for them is indicative of an unwillingness to abide by authority and might indicate that he’s a thug or hoodlum! Moreover, that would be more relevant since it happened on the night in question. George Zimmerman is still not believable for the reasons I clearly set forth in my post.

      Your views are quite typical of persons who claim Trayvon Martin is a hoodlum though there is no competent evidence of it and that Zimmerman is beyond reproach despite the fact that his actions led to the confrontation. He stays in his car, and let’s the police, who are trained for these things, handle the situation, nothing happens! I clearly acknowledge that the jury found him not guilty. Guess what? He is still not believable and many still don’t find him believable and believe there was enough evidence for a guilty verdict.


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