Zimmerman’s Actions Led to Martin’s Death…the Ones He Took Before He Shot Him!

At least one of Zimmerman’s most ardent supporters focuses on what Trayvon Martin did (or may have done) in the fight the fatal confrontation.  Remember that we are talking about a kid, a teenager, a child, who was not engaged in criminal activity, walking home who is at best being followed, at worst stalked, by an adult with a gun.  Why is what Martin did or did not do the determining factor in fault?  All the fault lies with the adult, Zimmerman!

Zimmerman’s flagrant disregard for the rules of Neighborhood Watch, irresponsible assumptions and refusal to heed the guidance of the police dispatcher is what led to the confrontation.  Now Zimmerman claims that Trayon Martin actions (1) slamming his head on the concrete 12+ times, (2) grabbing for his gun, trying to suffocate him, etc. gave me a reasonable fear of death or great bodily injury.  Well, as I and others have already pointed out, there is no independent evidence supporting Zimmerman’s story and it contradicts what forensic evidence is available.  Read:No Independent Evidence Was Presented That Trayvon Martin Was the Aggressor

So the focus goes back to the fact that Zimmerman caused the confrontation through his malevolence, reckless disregard for simple rules and his foolhardy surge down the unpaved road of assumption.  According to Zimmerman, Martin was suspicious.  People have debated whether or not what Martin was doing was indeed suspicious, walking unhurriedly in the rain while donning a hoodie.  Okay, Zimmerman choose to call the police as it had many times before.  However, this time, he appeared to believe that calling the police was not enough.  He was concerned about the fact that last “suspect” fled before the police could arrive.   So he decided to follow Martin to ensure that the police would “apprehend” him.

If not for Zimmerman’s decision to leave his vehicle with a loaded weapon, which was in flagrant violation of the most basic and sensible rules of Neighborhood Watch, and his rash, unfounded and yes, racial presumptions concerning Martin, nothing would have happened!   He was not a police officer yet, he decided that Martin was suspicious and he was doubtful of what he anticipated would be the police’s slow response.  So he left his vehicle and pursued Martin armed with a gun.   That is what led to the confrontation because there is no evidence that Martin was doing anything but returning to his home and he would have returned home had Zimmerman not provoked a confrontation through his reckless acts.

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