George Zimmerman Is Addicted to Guns….Intervention Anyone?

You remember George Zimmerman I’m sure.  In a series of recent interviews, he claims to be homeless, have PTSD, receives death threats, wants his “old life” back and hates publicity?  Yeah, that one!  George Zimmerman Is Still Unbelievable! Well he has an extremely strong craving for guns.  It consumes him and cannot be denied!  Said affinity even triumphs over cogent advise from his lawyers.  Lawyer: George Zimmerman should not be visiting gun factories, By August 23, 2013 1:46 PM Yahoo News

Well that ruthless desire within him, transcends his fear of death threats and publicity, as powerful as he said those were.  So, just recently, he visited a gun merchant (or room) “The Arms Room” and proudly tweeted about it!

Now it was just a little nibble, but that’s all an addict needs! Zimmerman’s trove of deadly weapons revealed in photos, Staff, February 25, 2014  One visit wasn’t enough and that all consuming fascination with guns, fed just a tad, rose up and forced him into a decision detrimental to his own preservation, (at least according to his interviews).

He offered to attend the Orlando Gun Show March 8-9 at the Majestic Event Center…as a special guest!  Yeah, that pesky PTSD and undesirable publicity, just couldn’t trump that love of guns!  He just can’t help himself!  He has my utmost sympathy.  It must be horrible to be saddled with an obsession so omnipotent!

In addition to George tweeting his appearance at the gun show, the organizers posted a picture posing with Zimmerman on their Facebook page.  Fortunately for George, once it became clear that he would be a featured guest at the event, well even present, there was a flurry of activity on social media, especially Tweeter.  The Majestic Event Center claimed not to have been informed of George’s “special guest appearance” and sent out several emails below expressing surprise and a “reluctance to accept” George’s presence onsite.  Okay, they said he wasn’t welcome!  Actually, they banned him.



Now, the Majestic has “canceled” the event though there may be a lawsuit contesting that action.  Orlando gun show George Zimmerman invited to may be canceled; Event space learns organizers had invited Zimmerman to be featured guest, Shaun Chaiyabhat, Posted March 6, 2014

The website of the gun show organizers also state the event has been cancelled though they had agreed to uninvite George.

Currently, the Majestic Event Center has canceled the show for this weekend. They requested Mr. Zimmerman not be allowed entry and we complied for the sake of our vendors. Later, the Majestic “caved” over threats from anti-Zimmerman individuals and completely shut down the event.We recommend you contact the Majestic directly at 407-300-9124, and to voice your opinion.Vendors, we will be contacting you immediately. Please contact us if you have not heard from us by the time you read this.
At this time, The New Orlando Gun Show is no longer able to confirm George Zimmerman’s attendance at the Majestic Event Center at this weekends March 8-9 event.

Well when one considers the very fragile state of his mind and life, as he alluded to in his recent interviews, i.e. PTSD, homelessness, death threats and fear of publicity, one would have thought George would have been grateful for the Majestic’s attempted intervention!  They tried to save him from himself!  Zimmerman’s now-estranged girlfriend says depressed ‘Georgie’ put gun in his mouth and threatened to pull the trigger but she talked him out of it as she moves out of home with armed escort, Mail Online, Helen Pow 11:48 EST, 20 November 2013

Well nope, not only did George spurn the Majestic’s extended hand, but he was hopping mad!  Why he could have just shot up the place!  (That might be why the Majestic was concerned about his presence!)  George and many of his sycophants  seem to think the not guilty verdict makes him innocent and devoid of controversy.  Here are some of his angry tweets as he mustered his minions, his Twitter storm troopers, to deluge the Majestic with telephone calls.  Comically, having trouble reading a phone book, they also ended up calling a pharmacy and clogging their phone lines!

Now, inasmuch as the Majestic is/was hosting a gun show, they don’t have any problem with legal gun owners, just one in particular.  Finally, George seemed to have won something though he won’t let on what that is.  Oh, George apparently has a “ring tone”, a little motto, if you will (two even) which he shrilly tweeted out!

Apparently George’s “win” is that he will be appearing at the Arms Room at 10:00 a.m. March 8, 2014.  Orlando gun show canceled after GEORGE ZIMMERMAN was named as featured guest, Mail Online, Ryan Gorman, 7 March 2014

Apparently, he wasn’t much of a draw. Few show up to meet George Zimmerman at Florida gun show, By , AND / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, Saturday, March 8, 2014, 10:50 AM  Here is a picture with him and his dog “Spot”


Anyway, George is angry because his “civil rights” were violated and if anyone knows about violating civil rights, it would be George, having had some experience in that regard.   I should think if George just would have not show up at the gun show, that would solve everything, especially for him, considering the direness of his overall situation, but you know, guns are like a drug to the man.  He’s an addict and the Majestic’s intervention has been unsuccessful so far!  Someone will have to attempt another one!

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