Lies About “Lie Detector Tests” on George Zimmerman

Well George Zimmerman sycophants love to jump up down and talk about how Zimmerman passed two lie detector tests…this blog explains why that isn’t really so!

Headlines can be misleading. They can be lies, or just reflect the ignorance of the person writing the story. Yesterday several articles appeared on the internet indicating that George Zimmerman had passed not one, but two, “lie detector tests.”   However the “lie detector tests” mentioned in the headlines were actually computer voice stress tests.  The truth is that there is a significant difference between a lie detector test and a voice stress test. Neither are reliable enough to be used in Court, but the voice stress test is much less reliable than a lie detector test.

The National Institute of Justice, which is part of the Federal Government, performed an in depth study of voice stress tests and found them to be no better than a “flip of a coin.” In one specific study the computer voice stress test was determined to be only effective in 15% of…

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