You Might Be a George Zimmerman Worshiper If?

1.  You continue to think that Trayvon Martin beat the shit out of George Zimmerman despite all evidence to the contrary!

The only thing that could possibly have beaten the shit out of George Zimmerman was a swarm of large insects or a couple of cats or him tripping over his own feet! Seriously, a few lacerations and a bloody nose does not equal “beat the shit out of” in the world we presently inhabit!

The physician’s assistant, Lindzee Folgate, who examined him, testified at trial that Zimmerman’s nose was “likely” and “appeared to be” broken but she could not say “definitively” because there were no x-rays and Zimmerman never bothered to get one.  See: DAY 5 ZIMMERMAN TRIAL PART 4 OF 4 JUNE 28,2013 at 1:27:00



Zimmerman’s injuries were minor.  He scored 15 out of 15 on the Glascow Coma Scale according to the EMT who administered the test and testified at trial. George Zimmerman trial day 5 EMT firefighter on scene tries to treat George Zimmerman, at 9:34-10.43

Martin had none of Zimmerman’s DNA on his hands. Most importantly, Martin never pounded Zimmerman’s head on the concrete. When Zimmerman shot him, Martin’s body was a substantial distance from the concrete. George Zimmerman Did Not Kill Trayvon Martin In Self-Defense

2.  You think the George Zimmerman’s encounter with Trayvon Martin is encapsulated in this image:


3.  You think that Martin was a violent “thug” based on “evidence” that was not admissible at trial.

Martin’s cellphone texts and images, disputed allegations and suspensions from his school were hearsay and not even close to being relevant.  Martin had no arrest record and no history of violence.  In fact, his nickname was “Mouse.”  However, even material which hardly rises above innuendo is good enough for a Zimmerman worshiper.   The Framing of Trayvon Martin

4.  Though you demonize Martin based on hearsay you ignore the better caliber of evidence that Zimmerman is not a saint but could be a violent thug.

George Zimmerman’s MySpace Disparages Mexicans, Mentions 2005 Criminal Charges, The Huffington Post  |  By Posted: 05/02/2012 3:24 pm

Who was the real thug — Trayvon Martin or George Zimmerman?
, Dallas News, Leonard Pitts, 24 November 2013

Woman Says George Zimmerman Molested Her For More Than A Decade, Huntington Post, , 07/16/2012

George Zimmerman Neighbors Complained About Aggressive Tactics Before Trayvon Martin Killing, Huntington Post, , 03/13/2012

5.   You think that Samantha Scheibe actually felt “intimidated” by police when they questioned her about Zimmerman’s assault.

WATCH: George Zimmerman’s Girlfriend Reveals Disturbing New Details in Police Video, By Fri Jan. 3, 2014

6.  You refuse to acknowledge that Martin found Zimmerman threatening.

A 17 year old is walking home on a dark, rainy night, not doing anything illegal and notices a strange man in the car staring at him.  He runs away, but the man immediately exists his vehicle and chases him.  He asks him why he’s following him and the man quickly reaches into his pocket.  Zimmerman did not exit his vehicle to look for directions, he did it to chase Martin.  Read my post: Zimmerman Ultimately Killed Martin Because Unknown Young Black Males Were Burglars To Him

That is what Trayvon Martin faced according to Zimmerman’s own testimony, yet Zimmerman worshipers, can’t understand why he felt threatened and feared Zimmerman might be a rapist or even worse and possibly punched him!  Even the investigating detective stated that Martin could have perceived Zimmerman as a threat and would have had a right to defend himself. Yet, you say things like Martin “gay-profiled” Zimmerman.  If Martin had been a woman would you say that she “rapist-profiled” Zimmerman if she had kicked him in the crotch?

7.   You think Martin was a great fighter because he texted about fighting but Zimmerman was not even though he took MMA classes.

“[Zimmerman] had been taking mixed martial art classes and those are simply fighting classes that teach someone how to be a good fighter. He took those classes three days a week for a year. George wasn’t a couch potato. He had more training in fighting than 99.99% of the men in this country. Very few men take mixed martial art classes, three days a week, for a year.”  The George Zimmerman Trial For Dummies, by Dr. Kristine Randall, July 10, 2013

Martin’s texts are evidence of nothing.  There is no way to tell if they referenced real events are were sent to peers or girlfriends to impress them.  What 17 year old male hasn’t lied about his prowess or accomplishments to impress someone? The Framing of Trayvon Martin

8.   You think that in a fist fight, Martin’s height advantage somehow trumped Zimmerman’s 50 lb weight advantage.

“Anyone who knows anything about fighting , knows that it’s not the height of the fighter that is important but it is the weight of the fighter.  In boxing, weight is so critical that fighters must fight within a weight class, thus we have lightweight, flyweight, middleweight, heavyweight, and so forth.”  The George Zimmerman Trial For Dummies, by Dr. Kristine Randall, July 10, 2013 There are no height classifications.  Why is that?  Because weight is an advantage, not height!

9.  You think Zimmerman got out of his car just to get directions for the police dispatcher.

There were only three streets in the entire complex which Zimmerman had lived in for three years.  He was the Neighborhood Watch captain and had called the police numerous times. Certainly, they would ask for a location each time, yet he claims not to know the street names? He left his vehicle and chased Martin because he was sure he was a burglar and he did not want him to get away (like all the other “suspects” before). Zimmerman Killed Martin Because All Unknown Young Black Males Were Burglars To Him

10.  You think that since Neighborhood Watch rules are not laws, Zimmerman did nothing wrong by ignoring them.

Zimmerman’s utter disregard for the NW rules of (1) not carry weapons and not (2) not follow “suspects” is precisely what led to the deadly confrontation with Martin, who was not engaged in criminal activity and if he did punch Zimmerman once it was because he saw him as a threat.  These are not just regular rules.  These rules were promulgated by law enforcement to stop confrontations such as these, and it was Zimmerman’s wanton disregard for them which was the direct cause of the confrontation that led to Martin’s death.  The authors of the Stand Your Ground Law felt it didn’t apply to George Zimmerman once he ignored the police dispatcher.   Author of “stand your ground” law: George Zimmerman should probably be arrested for killing Trayvon MartinBy Julia Dahl, CBS News July 12, 2013,

Zimmerman worshipers claim he was just a “concerned citizen” walking along and Martin jumped him unprovoked.  He wasn’t just walking along, he profiled Martin from his car and when Martin noticed him staring at him  and ran, Zimmerman immediately excited his car and chased him. He was armed which was against neighborhood watch rules. If Martin did hit him it was because he saw him as a threat and he only hit him once! Zimmerman Killed Martin Because All Unknown Young Black Males Were Burglars To HimThe George Zimmerman Trial For Dummies, by Dr. Kristine Randall, July 10, 2013

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