Zimmerman Didn’t Profile and Kill Martin, The School System Did?


The conservative, right wing press, both conventional and “blogosphere”, have attempted to turn the Trayvon Martin tragedy into a commentary on the very foundations of African America family, government, school and crime.  Why would they attempt to expand an isolated murderous act, of an overzealous neighborhood watch captain profiling and shooting an unarmed teenager, into a commentary of such operatic scope?

Well, of course, in order to believe George Zimmerman’s outlandish narrative that Trayvon Martin launched a violent and unprovoked attack on him, Martin had to be framed as a “thug/hoodlum.”  The Framing of Trayvon Martin.

However, Conservatives decided to use this “fortuitous opportunity” to smear the entire “culture” which “produced” this violent “thug/hoodlum.”  Of course, Zimmerman’s story is a fabrication, a fable.  In order to not repeat myself, I refer to my previous posts on this matter particularly George Zimmerman Did Not Kill Trayvon Martin In Self-Defense They are, unfortunately, like Russian nesting dolls, as I tend to have to retrace the same subject matter. When I think I’ve made my point I see a tweet from someone who I apparently have not reached.

Trayvon Martin obviously did not hit Zimmerman’s head on the cement even once, and certainly never attempted to kill him.  That is clear and self-evident to the untainted mind.

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George Zimmerman  racially profiled Trayvon Martin as a burglar.   Despite the advice of the police dispatcher and neighborhood watch rules that prohibited the carrying of firearms and confronting suspects, he chased Martin.  He never identified himself and Martin, having no way of knowing his intentions, thought he was a threat to him, which ultimately he was. I detailed all this in:  Zimmerman Killed Martin Because All Unknown Young Black Males Were Burglars To Him

However, Zimmerman and his supporters’ depend on his incredulous narrative in order to push their propaganda. After all why waste such an opportunity to pontificate.

In light of the fact that Trayvon Martin is not the “thug/hoodlum” they have made him out to be, many of their posts look ridiculous.  Somehow the school system is to blame for Martin’s murder?  Why Did They Kill Trayvon Martin? He Really Was Profiled, Only Not By George Zimmerman…, The Last Refuge, by   It’s good to have such asinine thinking confined to the last refuge.

Any unknown African American would have been suspicious to Zimmerman which is why he made numerous calls to the police about AA’s males!  George Zimmerman’s Police Call History, The Trayvon Martin Killing, Explained, By Adam Weinstein Mother Jones, Mar. 18, 2012

The school system had nothing to do with his profiling and nothing the school system could of or should have done would have stopped George Zimmerman from believing Martin to be a burglar.  The color of his skin and his age did that!

These posts and those of many other conservatives depend on Trayvon Martin being a violent “thug/hoodlum”, who violently attacked Zimmerman thereby forcing him to kill him.  Poor Zimmerman.   George Zimmerman Is Still Unbelievable!

Well that is obviously not what happened.  Trayvon Martin, may have been a troubled youth…many youth are, thus the phrase, however, he was not a violent thug/hoodlum and he if punched Zimmerman – once – it was because he felt threatened.   Again, I may be repeating myself, but he certainly didn’t reach for Zimmerman’s gun or pound Zimmerman’s head on the pavement 12+ times and Zimmerman’s story of self-defense was fabricated to post-justify the shooting.

Thus, neither school discipline or lack thereof or the school superintendent shot Trayvon Martin.  Zimmerman did and Martin wasn’t doing anything wrong.  Even if he had been a drug kingpin, at the time Zimmerman decided he was suspicious, he was simply walking home unarmed.  If Zimmerman had allowed the police to do their job, they would have realized that.

Zimmerman was so sure that Martin was a burglar because he was African American, that he took matters into his own hands.  Any AA that Zimmerman did not know would have provoked the same reaction!

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  1. The luckiest thing that ever happened to that racist @Baker5811 is that I crossed paths with him after his service, not during.


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