SYG Saves Lives? Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis Weren’t Lives?


Who ever composed this graphics did not appear to consider Trayvon Martin or Jordan Davis to be “lives”?

Only fanatical fans of George Zimmerman and other unbalanced individuals believe he was savagely beaten by Trayvon Martin.  I have explained why that did not happen in many posts, e.g., George Zimmerman Did Not Kill Trayvon Martin In Self-Defense as have others such as Lisa Bloom Zimmerman, Dunn and what went horribly wrong: Author Lisa Bloom talks to Salon, Thursday, Mar 6, 2014   A bloody nose and a few head scratches are a “vicious” attack?!  Moreover, the photo of the ostensibly broken nose is very suspicious.  About that photo of George Zimmerman’s bloody and “broken” nose…, part 1, whonoze evidence • logic • knowledge • narrative • the Trayvon Martin case, June 29, 2013.


George Zimmerman chased Martin and then shot him when they ended up in a fist fight.  There had been burglaries by African American male youths in his neighborhood, so he saw all unknown young African American males walking around as burglars. Zimmerman Killed Martin Because All Unknown Young Black Males Were Burglars To Him

If Zimmerman did not have a gun, they would both be alive.  It was just a fist fight and the minor injuries that Zimmerman received reflect that! The George Zimmerman Trial For Dummies, by Dr. Kristine Randall, July 10, 2013

Ironically, the author of the Florida SYG law says the law would not have covered, Zimmerman, but Martin. Author of “stand your ground” law: George Zimmerman should probably be arrested for killing Trayvon Martin, By Julia Dahl, CBS News July 12, 2013,
However, prosecutors cited the law for their reluctance to charge Zimmerman. I guess Trayvon Martin’s big mistake, besides choosing the wrong time to go to the store, was just taking pictures with a gun instead of actually possessing one. That apparently makes a big difference!  Trayvon Martin Had Pics of Himself with an Illegal Gun, So He’s a Thug?

One can’t even make up a story about Jordan Davis viciously attacking Michael Dunn.  He never left the confines of a vehicle parked at a crowded convenience store. He was not armed, but was shot because he was “jaw-jacking” with Dunn over the volume of the car radio and Dunn saw an imaginary shotgun or “stick”.

So how exactly does SYG save lives when in these two cases they did exactly the opposite? Is it supposed to be an aggregate figure or something?  For each two lives lost three are saved?  Any legislation that promotes gun use does not save lives because guns cannot save lives, only take or ruin them! It is ridiculous to think anything else!  They shoot bullets, not surgeons!

In principle, it makes sense that someone who is really being attacked in a place they are legally entitled to be should be able to answer deadly force without having an obligation to retreat.  In practice, it does not go that well.  Many persons are not attacked, they just think they are or will be! Others belief that they face imminent death or great bodily harm is unfounded, but they get the benefit of the doubt, so there is no deterrent to killing someone!

Psychologists found that gun owners are 79 percent more likely to use that gun in an argument and are 5 times more likely to put themselves in unsafe situations.  Gun owners are also more likely to use a gun than not since for every case that goes to trial, there are an average of twelve cases that are not even brought to trial due to the existing laws. Guns: Stand Your Ground, Liberty Voice by Kimberly Beller on April 2, 2014

Zimmerman not only didn’t retreat, he advanced!  He chased Martin thinking he was a burglar!  Dunn could have easily retreated!  In both those cases, 2 young lives were needlessly lost to what amounted to paranoia, delusion and racial profiling.

You should not be able to shoot somebody because you “perceive” yourself to be in danger!  So if they are unarmed and your perceptions were wrong, its okay?  Harm, but no foul?  So there is no incentive to not shoot someone as soon as you “perceive” you are in danger, regardless of whether the reality matches your perceptions!   Something Stinks in FloridaMental Health & Criminal Justice, February 16, 2014 by Dr. Kristine Randal

The problem with Florida SYG law is the broad civil and criminal immunity component which hampers the prosecution of murder cases.  Imagine, being able to completely preempt the filing of murder charges, one of the most serious charges an individual can face, by going to one judge and seeking immunity based on the standard of a preponderance of the evidence which is a lower standard than beyond a reasonable doubt! Jurors do not even get to decide!  Is Florida’s self-defense law defensible? By Ryan J. Winter, PhD, MLS, and Stephen W. Joy, JD, MS, Florida International University, September 2012, Vol 43, No. 8.,

It is outlandish some of the murderers who say they were just standing their ground!  There was a guy who went back to his car to get a gun, shot two 24 year olds, and received SYG immunity.  Defense attorneys are nothing if not inventive!  Remember Mark O’Mara coming to court with the concrete block when Trayvon Martin never even slammed Zimmerman’s head on concrete.

An armed society is apparently not a polite society, more like a deadly one, unless people shoot other people politely.

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