Zimmerman Ultimately Killed Martin Because Unknown Young Black Males Were Burglars To Him

Well, it all started because George Zimmerman thought Trayvon Martin was a burglar.  The neighborhood had been burglarized by young black African American males.  Thus, Zimmerman suspected any unknown young AA male walking around his neighborhood, especially in the dark, of being a burglar.  Martin was no different.  That is why Zimmerman frequently calling the police on young AA males.  George Zimmerman’s Police Call History, The Trayvon Martin Killing, Explained, By Adam Weinstein Mother Jones, March 18, 2012


However, the last time he called the police on a “suspected burglar”, he escaped before the police arrived.  This time he wasn’t going to take the chance.   He was going to “detain” Martin himself until the police could arrive.  Now, of course, there are those pesky neighborhood watch rules that state that you cannot carry weapons or pursue suspects.  Then there was the dispatcher advising him not to follow the suspect, but those rules were not as important as catching a “burglar”, maybe being a hero!  Here are excerpts from George Zimmerman: Prelude to a shooting,  Chris Francescani, April 25, 2012, Reuters

“We’ve had some break-ins in my neighborhood, and there’s a real suspicious guy,” Zimmerman said, as Trayvon Martin returned home from the store.

The last time Zimmerman had called police, to report Burgess, he followed protocol and waited for police to arrive. They were too late, and Burgess got away.

This time, Zimmerman was not so patient, and he disregarded police advice against pursuing Martin.

“These assholes,” he muttered in an aside, “they always get away.”

After the phone call ended, several minutes passed when the movements of Zimmerman and Martin remain a mystery.

Moments later, Martin lay dead with a bullet in his chest.”

Neighborhood watch volunteer Zimmerman leaves the Seminole County Jail after posting bail in Sanford

George Zimmerman is a horrible liar.  You can see and hear investigators Serino and Singleton effortlessly poke holes in his “story.”  He claims not to remember many important details though only hours or days had passed.  Zimmerman’s “memory problems” are in evidence the first time he’s interrogated.  Serino even resorted to a memory recall “procedure”.  During the third interrogation Serino reminds Zimmerman that this is not a “bicycle theft” case so it is imperative that he start remembering. 

It is clear from that interrogation and the playing of the 911 tape that
Zimmerman did not leave his car to get an address for the dispatcher. He left his car to chase and “apprehend” Martin.  Martin was scared of Zimmerman but Zimmerman did not fear Martin.  After all, he had a gun.  George Zimmerman Trial – Day 6 – Part 3 (Interrogation Tapes) at 2:35

Here are excerpts from the transcript of that interrogation where the investigators are playing Zimmerman’s “911 call”: Transcript of 3rd Tape of Investigators Serino and Singleton interviewing Zimmerman

Serino: here we go. And like I know how to do this part. OK, this is your 911 call.
(plays tape 0:00 to 0:08)
. . .
(plays tape 1:28 to 1:34)
Serino: That statement. These assholes…what’s behind that?
Zimmerman: People that victimize the neighborhood.
. . .
(plays tape 2:08 to 2:10)
Serino: OK, is that you getting out of the car?
Zimmerman: Yes.
Serino: OK.
Singleton: So as soon as he runs, you’re getting out of the car to follow him.
Zimmerman: When he says which way are you running, I turned off the ignition.
Singleton: I don’t know.
. . .
(plays tape 2:10 to 2:14)
Serino: At that point you’re out of the car?
Zimmerman: I think so.
Serino: OK, so you basically jumped out of the car to see where he was going?
Zimmerman: Yes, sir.
Serino: OK. That’s not fear. You know what I mean?
Serino: That’s one of the problems I have with the whole thing, or I’m gonna have. I mean, I don’t have any problems at all, it’s just that… it’s gonna be a problem
. . .
(plays tape 2:16 to 2:17)
Serino: What is that you’re whispering? Fucking what?
Zimmerman: Punks.
Serino: Fucking punks. He wasn’t a fucking punk.
. . .
(plays tape 2:26 to 2:34 )
Serino: OK, at the point where he said, are you following him, and he said, we don’t need you to do that, what went through your mind?
Zimmerman: He’s right.
Serino: So you shoulda stopped and went back to your vehicle.
Zimmerman: I still wanted to give him an address.
Serino: OK.
(plays tape 2:34 to 2:40)
Serino: Where’re you at?
Zimmerman: Once he told me not to follow him…
Serino: Mm hmm.
Zimmerman: And I wasn’t following him. I was just going in the same direction he was. Once he said…
Serino: That’s following (laughs).
Zimmerman: Well he, I thought, I mean…
Serino: If you’re…OK
Zimmerman: …long gone.
Serino: So you basically wrote if off, I mean…
Zimmerman: Right. I was on the other side, I was on Retreat View Circle at that time.
Serino: OK.
Singleton: OK, but the other day…again, this is, these are the questions that we’re going to have to able to explain to people…
Zimmerman: Yes, ma’am.
Singleton: The other day you told me you got out of the car because dispatch was asking your location and you wanted to orient yourself. You did not tell me that you said, “Oh, shit, he’s running” and then got out of the car and went in that same direction at the same time. Do you see what the problem is?
Zimmerman: Yes, ma’am.
Singleton: And I asked you did, would you, did you, you know, look for him and you told me no.
Zimmerman: I don’t remember, ma’am. I’m sorry.
Singleton: You told me the only, the reason you got out of your car was to get an address.
Zimmerman: Yes, right.
Singleton: But you decided to get the address…fresh in the second after you say, “Oh, shit, he’s running.” And then it sounds like you’re running too.
. . .
(plays tape 2:47 to 3:06)
Serino: What are you doing right now?
Zimmerman: Walking back to my car.
Serino: OK.
(plays tape 2:17 to 2:41)
Serino: OK, if I time this portion, this is important, OK? I almost gotta reconstruct this.
(plays tape 2:16 to 2:41)
Serino: When do you start walking back to your car? Time here. You’re going towards Retreat View, right?
Zimmerman: Yeah.
Serino: OK.
(plays tape 2:28 to 2:41)
Serino: OK, where you at now?
Zimmerman: I think on Retreat View Circle.
Serino: OK. Is that 2:41? OK.
(plays tape 2:41 to 2:47)
Serino: OK, you’re walking back to your car?
Zimmerman: Yes, sir,
(plays tape 2:48 to 4:03 )
Zimmerman: I’m thumping the damn flashlight as I was walking through.
(call ends)
Singleton: How long is that?
Serino: It’s 84 seconds. From the point where you were walking back to your car from Retreat View to Twin Tree basically.
Singleton: It’s what, about 30 feet.
Serino: That’s a minute and…20 seconds. Did you stop at the “T”?
Zimmerman: No, I walked through. I stopped on Retreat View Circle.
Serino: That’s where you were standing?
Zimmerman: Yes, sir.
Serino: OK. But you didn’t get back into your car?
Zimmerman: No, sir.
Serino: Why not?
Zimmerman: I was…
Serino: You’re in the rain, you’re getting wet, you’re on the phone.
Zimmerman: Because I was waiting, I, the, I had light there…
Serino: So…
Zimmerman: Where I was at and I was trying to hit my flashlight. I didn’t want to walk back through without light.
Serino: OK, a minute and 20 seconds.
Zimmerman: Yes, sir.
Serino: OK, you’re in the rain, getting wet. You’ve wrote this guy off basically, you’re gonna meet the police. OK, you see where the obstacle is here?
Zimmerman: Yes, sir.
. . .
Serino: OK can I ask, my concern is also this. “Oh, shit, he’s running” and I’m getting out of my car. In an instant (snaps fingers) to make sure I don’t lose sight of this guy. That’s what it sounds like. Are you following him? Cause that’s what it sounds like you’re doing, that’s why he asked you the question. It sounded to the dispatcher likely that you were running, and that’s why he asked you that question. “Are you following him?” And your answer is yes. OK? But then you get to the other side and you’re concerned…(slapping sounds) about walking past this guy when you’ve already been chasing him, essentially. And he’s telling you to go back to your car and now you wanna pretend…or not pretend, you wanted us to believe that you’re concerned about having a flashlight to move back where you just ran?
Serino: You’re looking for him.
Singleton: You tried to catch up to him, do you see what I’m saying?
Zimmerman: No, I wasn’t. Um…
Serino: OK, it sounds like you’re looking for him.
Zimmerman: No.
Singleton: You brought a flashlight with you.
Zimmerman: Yes, ma’am.
Singleton: You wanted to be able to see him.
Serino: You want to catch him.
Zimmerman: No…
Serino: You wanted to catch the bad guy…
Singleton: No, it doesn’t…that’s…(unintelligible)
Serino: Fucking punk can’t get away.
. . .
Serino: Did you pursue this kid? Did you wanna catch him?
Zimmerman: No.
Serino: OK, it’s not you,
Singleton: Why
Serino: it’s not what you’re about?
Zimmerman: No.
Singleton: Why did you tell them, never mind just have them call me when they get here and I’ll tell them where I’m at?
Zimmerman: I was frustrated that I couldn’t think of the street name where I was…
Singleton: But you were gonna be back in your car from that distance in less than 15 or 20 seconds. So why would they need to call you?
. . .
Singleton: OK, cause you know what the impression would be, is that you’re gonna continue to look and when they get here you’d just tell ‘em where you’re at, at that point. You see what I’m saying? Well…no, never mind
. . .
Serino: OK. And in the middle of all that yelling, nobody came out to help you. And I can’t, I can’t pinpoint where you were smothered. That’s the problem I’m having. And nobody’s saying they saw him smothering you. People are saying they saw you, saw him on top of you, but they didn’t see about the smothering part. So…
Singleton: And when we’re listening to the screaming, doesn’t sound like there’s a hesitation in the screaming. It sounds like it’s continuous, and if someone’s being hurt (imitates scream being muffled) It’s gonna stop. But we don’t hear the, we don’t hear it stop.


The investigators point out several problems with Zimmerman’s story and illuminate his true motives and the reality of what happened.  Note that Serino wanted a manslaughter charge filed against Zimmerman. Sanford detective wanted manslaughter charge for George Zimmerman, By Frances RoblesMcClatchy Newspapers / June 27, 2012

1.  Zimmerman lied when he said he left his car to get an address for the dispatcher.  He left it to pursue the fleeing Martin who he did not fear, to insure he didn’t get away and he instigated the confrontation that led to Martin’s death.

2.   From the time the dispatcher advised him not to follow Martin, 84 seconds elapsed, yet he didn’t travel the 30 feet to return to his vehicle.  Instead, he was looking for Martin with a flashlight.

3.  He claimed that Martin held his hand over his mouth, yet the screams on the 911 tapes are continuous and should have been interrupted if Zimmerman was really being smothered.  In fact, the investigators had to “remind” Zimmerman that the screams were his since he stated that they didn’t sound like him.

Remember, there was none of Zimmerman’s blood or DNA on Martin’s hands.

Yes, Zimmerman ultimately killed Martin because he was a burglar.  Well he thought he was when he killed him…after all he was a young African American male, who he did not know, and that was evidence plenty.

This article sums up what the interrogation reveals about George Zimmerman.  The Quote That Should End the Trayvon Trial, Esquire, John H. Richardson on June 24, 2013:

“In Zimmerman’s angry mind, without trial or jury, even after he killed him and learned he was a 17-year-old who was legitimately staying in the complex, Martin was an asshole victimizing the neighborhood.”

So no, Zimmerman did not kill Martin because he launched a violent unprovoked attack against him.  George Zimmerman Did Not Kill Trayvon Martin In Self-Defense  In fact, he was actively searching for Martin and Martin was aware of this.  Zimmerman had stared at him from the car and as soon as Martin ran, Zimmerman exited his car and pursued him on foot, thus provoking the ultimate confrontation.

If Martin hit Zimmerman, he was certainly justified in doing so.  He was trying to protect himself.  Both the investigators, in prior interrogations, consistently pointed out that Zimmerman had opportunities to identify himself, but never did, and Martin probably hit him because Zimmerman was a stranger who had been following him and appeared to be reaching for a weapon.

Zimmerman certainly never had a reasonable belief that he was going to suffer death or great bodily harm at the fists of Martin, the legal definition of using deadly force in self-defense.  After all, it was just a fist fight until Zimmerman pulled his gun.  The George Zimmerman Trial For Dummies, by Dr. Kristine Randall, July 10, 2013  His story that Martin slammed his head on the concrete and reached for his gun is a complete and utter fabrication. Martin was shot far from the sidewalk, which photos of the final resting place of his body clearly show. George Zimmerman Did Not Kill Trayvon Martin In Self-Defense

George Zimmerman is a liar, coward and murderer.  I’m almost not sure which one is worse.

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1 Response to Zimmerman Ultimately Killed Martin Because Unknown Young Black Males Were Burglars To Him

  1. roderick2012 says:

    Let’s not forget that George had to redeem himself because:

    1) He allowed his family and friends to throw him a graduation party in December 2011 even though he knew he wasn’t going to graduate that semester.

    2) He was scheduled to be evicted from his apartment on February 29th even though his parents were paying his rent.

    3) We find out after the trial that Shellie had an argument with Porky right before he set out to ‘detain’ Trayvon and the State deposed her but decided to not even get into George’s state of mind before he murdered Trayvon in cold blood.

    4) We know from Joe Oliver’s MSNBC April 2012 interview that Oliver was George’s Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor and George was a recovering alcoholic. I also suspect that George had started drinking again because Oliver stated that George called him a week or so before the shooting and that he had been drinking the night of the murder–slurred speech and lots of anger. When you add alcohol to the prescription medications he was taking George’s reality that night was definitely distorted.


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