Is Dr. Vincent Di Maio’s Expert Opinion Fact? No!


Many George Zimmerman worshipers point to Dr. Vincent Di Maio’s expert opinion that Zimmerman’s defense’s version of “events” was true, including that George Zimmerman’s injuries were caused by his head being slammed on concrete as if it is fact!  It’s not fact, its an expert opinion! An opinion, by its very definition, cannot be fact! 

Experts who testify in criminal and civil trials are hired guns.  A party hires them because the expert is willing to offer an opinion which conforms with that party’s theory of the case. They are well compensated for these opinions, unlike other witnesses, so they have an inherent potential conflict of interest.

Below is the jury instruction on  Expert Witnesses taken from the jury instructions in the State v. Zimmerman case (emphasis added):


Expert witnesses are like other witnesses, with one exception the law permits an expert witness to give his or her opinion.

However, an expert’s opinion is only reliable when given on a subject about which you believe him or her to be an expert.

Like other witnesses, you may believe or disbelieve all or any part of an expert’s testimony.

So Dr. Vincent Di Maio offered an expert opinion.  Expert opinions are not always believable.  If you will recall the Jodi Arias case, Alyce LaViolette offered an expert opinion that Jodi Arias has been abused.  The public and jury soundly rejected that opinion.

Dr. Vincent Di Mai offered expert opinions in two high profile cases which were rejected by the jury.  In the Phil Spector case, Dr. Di Maio’s expert opinion was that the victim, Lana Clarkson, shot herself to death.  The jury rejected that opinion and found Phil Spector guilty of murder. Prosecutor, Pathologist Spar At Spector Trial, Billboard, Suspicion Nation: The Inside Story of the Trayvon Martin Injustice and Why We Continue to Repeat It, Lisa Bloom

In the Drew Peterson case, Dr. Di Maio. offered an expert opinion that the victim, Kathleen Savio, died from an accidental fall. Spector murder trial: Victim was ‘taller and stronger’ and could have shot him instead, 29 June 2007, Mail Online  The jury rejected his opinion and found Drew Peterson guilty of first degree murder. Drew Peterson guilty of murder in ex-wife’s death, September 7, 2012, by CNN Wire Staff

If you want to accept Dr. Di Maio’s expert opinion, that’s fine, however, it does not carry the weight of fact or law, it’s just an opinion, and we all have them, though, ostensibly, his is more “informed”. Therefore, just because he said it, does not make it so. He is not the captain of the Starship Enterprise or anything else!

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One Response to Is Dr. Vincent Di Maio’s Expert Opinion Fact? No!

  1. reggie jacobs says:

    I will check out Lisa Bloom’s “suspicion nation” first chance I get.
    The only thing significant Di Maio said at the trial was that the clothing was away “and that could be consistent with Trayvon Martin ‘leaning’ over George Zimmerman”. How was Trayvon “leaning”, was he standing up? How would Zimmerman have gotten his arm at an angle to shoot and how does he not break his arm from the recoil, wouldn’t the recoil have slammed his arm on the ground pretty hard? No mention of the bullet trajectory. Trayvon’s hoodie could have been away from his body because Zimmerman was pulling on his shirt as this video which came out months before the trial discussed.


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