Racist Bigots and Thugs Are Clairvoyant


Xena’s post illustrates the eagerness of George Zimmerman worshipers to put Trayvon Martin on trial and assume that he somehow caused his death regardless of what George Zimmerman did!  Read my posts: The Framing of Trayvon Martin and You Might Be a George Zimmerman Worshiper If?

We Hold These Truths To Be Self-Evident

The following are comments posted on the internet by George Zimmerman (GZ) fans:

“It is shameful what we are doing to this man. He took out a thug before the thug could kill him, AND prevented all the future crimes (rape, assault, drug dealing) that Trayvon would have done in his life. George deserves our thanks for helping to keep us safe!”

“The only good black is a dead black just like trayvon.”

“He was black, wearing a hoodie, and his name was Trayvon. HE WAS A FELONY WAITING TO HAPPEN.” 

“The stupid baboon chimped out, circled back, stalked and followed Zimmerman as he was walking back to his vehicle, then combatively and belligerently confronting Zimmerman, then brutally attacking Zimmerman. Furthermore, Zimmerman demonstrated restraint by only firing once and only after being viciously and brutally attacked by the chimped out wild uncivilized monkey. “

These types of comments are common among…

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