Trayvon’s Death Taught Jack Cashill Nothing!


Jack Cashill, and his fellow racism deniers, are still having trouble with reality or at least the reality that you and I are familiar with, i.e., what is actually real. This concept lies outside the bounds of their vigorous imaginations.  He is at it again:  Trayvon’s Death Taught Liberals Nothing, American Thinker, August 21, 2014.  

If it was not for Al Sharpton, Benjamin Crump and other black activists, George Zimmerman would have managed to avoid any interaction with the justice system despite the fact that he pursued and killed an unarmed 17-year-old.

Now, Mr. Cashill has written a book wherein be claims that the very prosecution of Zimmerman was a miscarriage of justice.  Well, that’s a Bizarro World notion!   The miscarriage of justice is that Zimmerman was not convicted….that the members of the jury and certain members of the public continue to believe Zimmerman’s story that an unarmed teenager summarily attacked and tried to kill him.  Did he really look like his head had been slammed against the pavement 12+ times? No, really, he was already that stupid.

Zimmerman killed an unarmed teenager who was simply walking home from the store armed with a can of soft drink and skittles and the police were supposed to simply believe his story about “self-defense” despite all the inconsistencies in it?   Well yes, Zimmerman was white, or white enough, and Martin, unfortunately, was certainly black enough.

Now, I have written many blog posts concerning the fact that Zimmerman murdered Martin and should have been convicted.  Any reader is welcome to read them but I have included some of the most pertinent ones:

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Mr. Cashill, like many who claim that Zimmerman was telling the truth, points to the testimony of John Good.  Of course, he completely mischaracterizes that testimony.  The testimony Mr. Good gave in court did not support Zimmerman’s account of what happened.  I detail this here: Does John Good’s Testimony Support Zimmerman’s Story? Nope!

Those who believe Zimmerman killed Martin in self-defense are delusional.  It is that simple.  The fact that he was found not guilty does not make his story any more believable than O.J. Simpson’s story was.  The verdict and trial of Zimmerman did not prove that he was telling the truth, it proved that the judicial system is simply untrustworthy and, yes, racist.

Now Mr. Cashill and his ilk would love to tell you that race had nothing to do with the case.  Well that’s like saying that wet has nothing to do with water! Juror B37’s interview showed that racism was a factor.  Racism was one of the reasons that Rachel Jeantel testimony was rejected though it made much more sense that Zimmerman’s.  Mark O’Mara used racism in his closing argument though he swore racism had nothing to do with the case.  Mark O’Mara Wants to Have An Honest Dialogue on Race? Cough!

So what Jack Cashill hasn’t learned is, whatever credibility he and his surrogate websites “The Conservative Treehouse” and “The American Thinker” (aka The American Winker) may have had, diminishes each day he continues to deny the obvious guilt of Zimmerman…and the racism that corrupted the justice system and contributed to him being allowed to escape responsibility for murdering Martin.  Zimmerman’s post-verdict “performances” and smug entitlement are a continual burden on the virtual shoulders of Jack Cashill, Sean Hannity and others moral ignoramuses who championed Zimmerman and hoisted him up on those shoulders. “Do you know who I am?” I’ll (f***ing) kill you.” George Zimmerman threatened to kill man in road rage incident, Florida police say This is their champion!?

Yes, Zimmerman knows he got away with murder and believes he is now judicially invulnerable! With every breath he takes, he weighs heavier on Jack Cashill and his brethren, the new racists.  The New Racism: First you deny racism exists, Chicago Tribune, September 8, 2014′ Jamelle Bouie. It is as if he is breathing lead!

I personally wonder how many persons who had inexplicably believed Zimmerman was innocent, have realized their foolhardiness after seeing him in action since the verdict!

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Racism and conflicts of interest, are the reasons why Darren Wilson is unlikely to be indicted by the grand jury. I, for one, don’t expect him to be, considering the track record of the prosecuting attorney who has managed to escape indicting previous white officers who shot and killed black “suspects.”  Couple that with the inherent conflict of interest in asking a prosecutor to indict LEOs when he or she depends on their testimony for 95% of his or her work.

Of course, Wilson should be indicted and that would be assured if he was not white and his victim black!  We are just talking about probable cause here. The fact that six witnesses claim that Wilson shot Brown while he had his hands up and that he shot him from a distance of between 35 to 100 feet is probable cause! Since St. Louis has decided against releasing a report, here’s the timeline of Mike Brown’s death, Daily Kos, Oct 15, 2014, by Shaun King

Ironically, Mr. Cashill is correct, Trayvon Martin’s death did not teach liberals anything…because we had long ago absorbed the lesson that the justice system is flawed, especially when it involves a white suspect and black victim.  So, it was like “teaching” a college freshman multiplication tables.

However, Trayvon’s death certainly did not teach Jack Cashill anything.  If he is to be believed, he still does not understand that Zimmerman being found not guilty had nothing to do with innocence, or more accurately, lack thereof.  If Wilson is not indicted, innocence will not be a factor either.

Yes, Mr. Cashill, quite like Zimmerman, is still confused and struggles to comprehend even the most basic lessons!

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